There are over two pounds of alkalizing, nutrient dense, leafy greens, in one of our 500ml bottles. 

Each ingredient has been carefully selected to flood your body with these vital nutrients and vitamins; essential for optimum health: 

  • kaleVery high in A, C, K vitamins, Calcium & Maganese. These increase metabolism; improve brain function & help to regulate blood sugar.
  • spinachVery high in Iron. Spinach helps to fight psoriasis, acne and wrinkles!
  • romaineFull of Folic Acid & Potassium. Keeps blood vessels healthy and boosts muscle building.
  • celeryHigh in Vitamin C, which helps to build strong and healthy immune system. Also very alkalising.
  • cucumberContains most of the vitamins you need every day. Helps to support eye health; rehydrate the body; provides an energy ‘pick me up’ and can help cure hangovers ☺
  • watercressHigh in Iodine; Calcium & Beta-Carotene. Watercress removes toxins from the body & cleanses the colon. Contains more Calcium than milk and spinach.
  • appleContains natural Alpha Hydroxyl Acids –these boost exercise endurance. Apples also detoxify the digestive tract & reduce cardiovascular disease risks significantly.
  • gingerFull of Folates, Potassium & Magnesium. Ginger enhances fat digestion & absorption; a brilliant anti-inflammatory.
  • lemonHigh in A, C, E & K vitamins. Great for digestion; alkalises your body & purifies your blood.