• “I’ve been consuming Greenhouse Juicery’s green juice as part of my daily healthcare ritual for nine months now. Apart from tasting great, I relish the fact that I no longer have to consider ensuring I’ve had my five a day, or concern myself that my diet is deficient in any vitamins or minerals. It’s also a brilliant way of combatting those horrible hungry moments during a weight loss programme.”

    Malcolm Crocker / Futures Trader

  • “I wasn’t disappointed with the juices I got sent from Greenhouse Juicery. Not only do I like the ethos behind the brand – to incorporate juicing as part of one’s every day nutrition plan – but the juices themselves were really delicious. Not too sweet or bitter, the balance of flavours was just right, a sizzling mix of cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, romaine, watercress, apple, lemon and ginger. It was all in there. And I feel far more intelligent now as a result!”

    Lulu Le Vay / Head of Social Media, Gymbox

  • “The easiest way to 10 a day. Feeling great at 68!!”

    Bob Biffa / Founding Member Biffa Waste Management

  • “As a busy executive I am always on the go; had I not drank your green juice, my hectic schedule might have got the better of me. I suffer with terrible colds when the seasons’ change and this year thanks to Greenhouse Juicery I didn’t! Greenhouse Juicery does the hard work for me and I don’t have to worry about getting my 5 a day, or buying in heaps of fresh vegetables; I just drink and go! It’s like having health insurance in a bottle! Genius Idea!”

    Chelsey Baker / Author, Speaker, Business Mentor

  • “It’s so refreshing to know that you’re drinking a juice that isn’t full of fruit & sugar for a change, but still tastes amazing. I’d recommend Greenhouse Juicery to anyone not looking for a quick fix – but looking for an everyday healthy alternative to other juices and smoothies on the market. Just try it, you won’t look back!”

    Ria Pallett / Photographer, Ria Beth

  • “I loved the taste and my friends all commented how good my skin looked after just two weeks, highly recommend!”

    Nadia / Richmond

  • “I felt the benefits instantly, as a result of the juice I ate a lot better and smoked less. I also suffered from terrible migraines, which I no longer get when having the juice everyday. I would not be without it.”

    Andrew Birch / MD, Birch Roofing Contractors

  • “At last I can have juices which are not full of sugary fruit delivered to my door without having to pay through the nose for a juice cleanse. The money I save by not having to buy the organic vegetables near enough covers the cost, so not having to clean my juicer everyday is perfect for me.”

    Lana Mulree / Richmond

  • “I swear by this juice! Perfect for an energy boost before and after exercise, and in my case, football and the gym. It’s helped with my performance and overall healthy feeling! I would also definitely say it’s helped speed up the process in my recovery from a double leg fracture. Also a great cure after a heavy weekend! Great product.”

    Ian Cookland / Design Engineer / Amateur Footballer

  • “In a city where healthy lifestyles are now promoted its surprising how many companies are deceitful about their products. You have to truly investigate a product before you trust it. The peace of mind I gain from knowing exactly what is in the juice I drink is the reason I trust Greenhouse Juicery. Legitimately cold pressed juice, put in a bottle, no pasturisation, no preservatives, no water added, no filler (high sugar fruits), organic vegetables, pressed by a small local run business you can trust and no deceit! Thank you Greenhouse Juicery for being honest and open about your product. Now send me some more juice!”

    Tammy Sykes / Australian