After originally setting up Greenhouse Juicery Co with three amazing friends, I have recently taken over the business independently. The experience I have gained from working with these lovely & passionate people has been invaluable, but I am very excited to start a new chapter.

What originally started me on this path was my Auntie. When my Auntie got sick, she totally re-educated herself on diet, and with a lot of effort, changed her not so healthy diet to a mainly alkaline, plant based one. I learnt so much from her about eating organically, the effects of acid forming food on the body, as well as the benefits of cold pressed juices. My previous experience had been within the fashion industry as a Product Developer, however when an opportunity came up to work on something I was so passionate about, I jumped at the chance.

Now I am flying solo, my passion for the product is as strong as ever. From my personal experience, I really appreciate the importance of balance. A good and clean diet is essential not only for your waistline, but how well your organs function; how much energy you have; how well you sleep and how your skin glows, to name a few.

But it is important to be balanced and not to do anything too extreme to your body, or ignore the advise of the doctors in some situations. This is a contributing factor to why GHJ do not offer any cleanse / detox packages. Instead we want to encourage a healthy & balanced lifestyle, including cold pressed organic greens of course, but also proteins, healthy fats and good carbs. Our bodies function best when in an alkaline state. So by eating and drinking as many vegetables as you can each day, you will be actively taking care of your body (the only home you have to live in).

Did you know the Japanese are encouraged to eat 17 portions of veg a day compared to our 5? Now who is the healthier Nation!? It takes SO much time and effort to prepare heathy food each day, so this is where we come in! Get your juice delivered directly to your door, or to your office, or wherever is best for you. Then you can grab your bottle of Greens straight from your fridge, no time needed, no mess made. GHJ will make life SO much easier for you. Go on, give it a go!

So, thank you for all your support with GHJ.

Much love, Lauren