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Welcome to Greenhouse Juicery Co. This is not a normal juice cleanse company. We offer wellness packages; a juice every day to keep the doctor at bay. Premium ingredients, pressed, delivered to your door. We hope you enjoy. xGHJ





  • Testimonials

    • “I’ve been consuming Greenhouse Juicery’s green juice as part of my daily healthcare ritual for nine months now. Apart from tasting great, I relish the fact that I no longer have to consider ensuring I’ve had my five a day, or concern myself that my diet is deficient in any vitamins or minerals. It’s also a brilliant way of combatting those horrible hungry moments during a weight loss programme.”

      Malcolm Crocker / Futures Trader
    • “I wasn’t disappointed with the juices I got sent from Greenhouse Juicery. Not only do I like the ethos behind the brand – to incorporate juicing as part of one’s every day nutrition plan – but the juices themselves were really delicious. Not too sweet or bitter, the balance of flavours was just right, a sizzling mix of cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, romaine, watercress, apple, lemon and ginger. It was all in there. And I feel far more intelligent now as a result!”

      Lulu Le Vay / Head of Social Media, Gymbox
    • “The easiest way to 10 a day. Feeling great at 68!!”

      Bob Biffa / Founding Member Biffa Waste Management
    • “As a busy executive I am always on the go; had I not drank your green juice, my hectic schedule might have got the better of me. I suffer with terrible colds when the seasons’ change and this year thanks to Greenhouse Juicery I didn’t! Greenhouse Juicery does the hard work for me and I don’t have to worry about getting my 5 a day, or buying in heaps of fresh vegetables; I just drink and go! It’s like having health insurance in a bottle! Genius Idea!”

      Chelsey Baker / Author, Speaker, Business Mentor
    • “It’s so refreshing to know that you’re drinking a juice that isn’t full of fruit & sugar for a change, but still tastes amazing. I’d recommend Greenhouse Juicery to anyone not looking for a quick fix – but looking for an everyday healthy alternative to other juices and smoothies on the market. Just try it, you won’t look back!”

      Ria Pallett / Photographer, Ria Beth
    • “I loved the taste and my friends all commented how good my skin looked after just two weeks, highly recommend!”

      Nadia / Richmond
    • “I felt the benefits instantly, as a result of the juice I ate a lot better and smoked less. I also suffered from terrible migraines, which I no longer get when having the juice everyday. I would not be without it.”

      Andrew Birch / MD, Birch Roofing Contractors
    • “At last I can have juices which are not full of sugary fruit delivered to my door without having to pay through the nose for a juice cleanse. The money I save by not having to buy the organic vegetables near enough covers the cost, so not having to clean my juicer everyday is perfect for me.”

      Lana Mulree / Richmond
    • “I swear by this juice! Perfect for an energy boost before and after exercise, and in my case, football and the gym. It’s helped with my performance and overall healthy feeling! I would also definitely say it’s helped speed up the process in my recovery from a double leg fracture. Also a great cure after a heavy weekend! Great product.”

      Ian Cookland / Design Engineer / Amateur Footballer
    • “In a city where healthy lifestyles are now promoted its surprising how many companies are deceitful about their products. You have to truly investigate a product before you trust it. The peace of mind I gain from knowing exactly what is in the juice I drink is the reason I trust Greenhouse Juicery. Legitimately cold pressed juice, put in a bottle, no pasturisation, no preservatives, no water added, no filler (high sugar fruits), organic vegetables, pressed by a small local run business you can trust and no deceit! Thank you Greenhouse Juicery for being honest and open about your product. Now send me some more juice!”

      Tammy Sykes / Australian
    • “As a successful businessman, I’m often on the go at all hours. I try to eat organic, fresh food as often as I can, but this can be difficult when travelling. Greenhouse Juicery’s green juice gives me 10 of my 5 a day; gives me a morning energy boost and also the convenience of not having to prep and clean before I leave the house. I give Greenhouse Juicery 10 out of 5.”

      Ian Barker / Managing Consultant
    • “I used to be constantly sick. Then I started drinking GHJ’s green juice, and I haven’t been sick for twelve months. I’m just so impressed with how much goodness it has in it. It’s like eating a basket of vegetables. I could do that, but who’s got the time?”

      Paul Russell / Web Architect
    • “Gives me loads of energy & serves as a real pick me up when I’m working too hard. Takes the pressure off my veg consumption too! And it even tastes good!”

      Marissa Thomas / Senior Partner at PWC
    • “I have ordered a couple of hundred bottles of this juice and really feel it’s beneficial to my health. I’ve lost around two stone in weight and feel absolutely full of energy. The biggest benefit of them all was that I found my hay fever symptoms reduced dramatically, and therefore my breathing has improved, which resulted in some great nights sleep. I now buy this juice on a regular basis to supplement my own juicing and try to have atleast one a day. The weird thing about it is, that I thought it would taste revolting but I was prepared to drink it anyway. In actual fact, I love the taste of it! You can just taste how pure and good it is, my body craves it so much that I hate it when I run out. I can only assume that your body recognizes how good it is for it, and cravings are it’s way of telling me it wants more. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better, and if you have any weight to lose, this will definitely help!”

      Matthew Wigham / Owner of Lofty Solutions